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The Mission of the Laytonville Unified School District is to:


Provide a safe environment in which our young people can achieve the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success now, and in the future, recognizing that varied needs require varied programs;


Ensure that our students will be prepared to pursue any avenue of their choosing, secure in the knowledge that they can meet any challenge;


Establish from the earliest grades that students will be guided towards self-fulfillment, a sense of community and service to humanity.

Tim Henry


250 Branscomb Road,

P.O. Box 868,

Laytonville, CA 95454

Phone: (707) 984-6108

Fax: (707) 984-8066 

About Our Principal


I have worked in education for twenty years and this is my sixth year as principal of Laytonville High School.  I am honored to be working with a committed, caring, and professional staff here at Laytonville High School.

I received my Master of Science in Education Administration from National University and my Bachelor of Arts from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I am a passionate believer in hands-on experiential learning, and wrote my master’s thesis on school-wide implementation of Project-Based Learning.  I am proud of our five different Career and Technical Education Pathways, our school’s implementation of Project Based Learning, and the close family relationships that knit our school together.

On my spare time I enjoy time with my wife and two daughters, forestry projects, tending to my orchards, wild-crafting and food preparation.  I am impassioned by the prospect of LHS students moving into the world and making positive impacts

About Laytonville High

Our campus is an inviting and creative environment that welcomes diversity, supports excellence and celebrates student success!


We have a class schedule and options that represent our diverse faculty and community culture.

From Wood Working, Instrument Building class to Total Body Fitness, Culinary, Building Trades to Public Safety, our students have rich elective choices to complement their rigorous core content classes. This includes Advanced Placement options in English Literature.

Laytonville High Yearbooks are on sale for $50  


The yearbook is an amazing book, with many great highlights of their year.  The team that put the book together worked as if it were a community service project doing their best to include all students and community members.


Please see Tammy Lyons in the computer lab for an order form, or call and speak to Anna in the office ASAP as there are very few left.  Yearbooks will be in shortly. They will be distributed at the Student Showcase in May  along with the book dedication.


8th grade parents you are more then welcome to come with your student get to know where the rooms are and what your student will be looking forward to by being a part of our great school.  Hope to see you there. 

LHS Weekly Bulletin
Student(s) of the Month
Student of the Month February

Jephthah Ikeh was honored as February 2020 Student of the Month.  Jephthah’s teachers recognize him as a polite, and respectful student, who produces quality work and is always engaged and insightful.  Jephthah is talented in many areas including music, the arts, athletics, technology, and academics, but he is most well known for being a kind and courteous human being.  Jephthah’s favorite class this year is Spanish 4 because of the teacher, classmates, and subject matter.  Jephthah wants to study computer science next year. He plans on starting out at Santa Rosa JC and then moving on to a four year college.  Jephthah has played three years of varsity soccer (receiving all-league honors twice), two years of basketball, and three years of track and field.  Jephthah has also been involved with Mock Trial throughout his high school career.  During his spare time Jephthah enjoys music and photography.  Jephthah credits his family for creating a good environment, and for emphasizing education and faith, and to the school for teachers who are willing to help students when they come in for help.  Jephthah’s advice to incoming freshman is that, “high school won’t feel like it’s going by fast until it’s almost over, so make sure to stay in the moment and be aware of what is happening around you, and know that school is to prepare you for your future because what you put in is what you get out.” 

Student of the Month January

Junior Wolfie Peterson is Laytonville High School’s Student of the Month for January, 2020. Wolfie’s teachers describe him as a hard working, self motivated student who produces quality work. Wolfie has a good sense of humor and takes pride in his work. His favorite classes this year are Spanish and Trigonometry. In his free time Wolfie likes to garden, exercise, and spend time with his siblings. He also volunteers with the Laytonville after-school program working with kids in the school garden. During his high school career Wolfie has been involved in the robotics club, cyber patriots, soccer, baseball, and track and is currently his class treasurer. Wolfie credits his parents and brother for his success in school by encouraging him to do well and teaching him about the things they love. Wolfie dreams of attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study viticulture after graduation. His advice to incoming high school students is that, “you have to try and put effort into school to do well, because nobody else will do it for you!”

Student of the Month November

Laytonville High School junior Krittana Phumjam was Student of the Month for November, 2019.  His teachers describe him as a hard working, quiet, respectful student who always makes time to help other students. Krittana loves a challenge and is a very self-directed leaner.  His favorite class this year is Advanced Computers.  Krittana is very involved in Robotics Club as the vice president and in student commission as the technology officer. He credits his teacher and robotics coach Mrs. Lyons for his success because of all the support and help she’s given him over the past few year. Krittana would like to attend a four year college in Southern California to study Robotics and Technology.  In his spare time Krittana enjoys interactive gaming.  He recommends the book series “genius files”.  His advice to incoming high school students is to, “work hard and never give up”.

Student of the Month September

Khalil Taylor was Laytonville High School’s March 2019 Student of the Month.  Khalil was the third and youngest freshman in our memory to receive this honor at Laytonville High School.  His teachers describe him as a rare student who listens intently and achieves a deep understanding of all material.  Khalil is focused and engaged and is a great person and role model to his classmates.  His favorite class this year is Biology.  Khalil is interested in going to college and working with technology.  During his young high school career, Khalil has been involved in student government, basketball, soccer, and mock trial.  In his spare time he likes to read, bounce on the trampoline, and play video games.  Khalil’s favorite book series is Harry Potter.  Khalil credits his teachers and parents for his success in school.  Khalil’s advice to new and upcoming students is to, “pay attention in class and you’ll do fine.”

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