Local Control Accountability Plan

If you have any questions regarding the Local Control Accountability Plan please call the District Office at (707) 984-6414. All written comments should be directed to the Superintendent.

About the Local Control Accountability Plan

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is the required accountability planning document under the new model of Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).



  • Must be on State Board Adopted template

  • Must set goals in eight specific areas

  • Must specify actions to achieve goals

  • Must solicit stakeholder input to develop the plan

  • 3-year plan must align with the budget

  • Must receive input from County Office of Education or authorizer


LCAP: Objectives


  • Align LCAP to the district's budget

  • Districts must proportionately increase student achievement and close the gap as it relates to future funding

  • Focus on English language learners, low socio-economic students, and foster youth

  • Provides flexibility in meeting student needs

  • Meaningful stakeholder input