District Advisory Committee



The District Advisory Committee (DAC) was formed in the fall of 1996 with the intention of representing all elements of the school community in the decision-making process. The goal was to eliminate duplication of efforts, increase community and staff buy-in, and do research to advise the board on a variety of issues. The District Advisory Committee replaced various committees, including the Calendar Committee, the Facilities Committee, the Restructuring Committee, and the Executive Budget Committee.



The District recognizes that shared decision making, in which employees at individual schools and members of the community are given increased responsibility for making decisions, may improve effective professional practice and the education process, may improve the school's productivity, and may ensure that learning and teaching are enhanced. The process includes involvement of all segments of the school and community and is based on mutual trust, shared responsibility, and accountability. 

The District Advisory Committee is comprised of the following:

  • Three certificated members of the Long Valley Teachers Association (LVTA)

  • Three classified members of the California School Employee Association (CSEA)

  • The Superintendent

  • Two site Principals

  • Two school board members

  • One non-school member from each of the site councils

  • One representative from the American Indian community

  • One high school student representative



  1. Serve as an Advisory group to the Board

  2. Advise the Board as to how the district budget shall be allocated

  3. Serve as a forum for improved communication throughout the district

  4. Serve as a forum for ongoing restructuring discussions

  5. Serve as an Advisory Committee for planning/problem solving

  6. Serve as a committee for facility planning

  7. Create school calendar options with input from stakeholders

  8. Review School Site Council projects and activtiies on a yearly basis as submitted by the Site Councils

  9. Support collaboration among school site administrators, staff, and parents in the allocation of resources at the school sites

  10. Conduct yearly satisfaction surveys of the students, staff, and parents

Modified Meeting Procedures during COVID-19 Pandemic:

As per Executive Order N-29-20 from Governor Newsom, the Laytonville District Advisory Committee meetings will be held in a virtual/teleconferencing environment using Zoom at the link at the top of the Agenda.

District Advisory Committee Meeting Dates 2022/2023:


​• September 21, 2022

​• October 19, 2022 - Safety

• December 8, 2022

• January 18, 2023 - Safety

• February 22, 2023

March 15, 2023 - Safety

• April 19, 2023

• May 17, 2023 - Safety