Jonathan Guillen Castellanos

LMS Student of the Month for October is Jonathan Guillen Castellanos. Jonathan has started his 8th grade year in an exemplary fashion. He is enthusiastic and motivated to learn. He asks questions that allow him to develop his thinking in a deep, meaningful way.

- Suzie Dunham

Mariah Zaragoza

LHS Sophomore Student of the Month for October is Mariah Zaragoza. Mariah is an exceptionally hard working student who is a well rounded, kind person, and has made great impressions on her teachers. Mariah is involved around the school in extracurricular activities and always produces quality work.

- Tim Henry

Jackson Gamble

LHS Junior Jackson Gamble was Student of the Month for Aug./Sept. 2022. Jackson has earned the respect of all his teachers through hard work, respectful behavior, and a great attitude. Jackson is a motivated learner, goes above and beyond, and does a great job giving a helping hand to his classmates

- Tim Henry

Karan Patel

LHS Sophomore Karan Patal was honored as the April 2022 student of the Month. Karan is a fountain of curiosity, bubbling over with positivity and joy. Karan works hard, is always present, has top grades, and has won the hearts of his classmates and teachers.

- Tim Henry

Hadyn Brennan

LHS March student of the month is Hadyn Brennan . Hadyn is a determined, intelligent, & hard working student who takes difficult classes and has impressed his teachers with his positive attitude, critical thinking, and deep understanding of subject matter. Great Job Hadyn & keep up the good work!

- Tim Henry

Dustin Comer

LMS student of the month for March is Dustin Comer. Dustin shows up with a positive attitude along with completing all of his work. He is kind, stays focused, gives his all during PE, in hot or cold weather and is an excellent break dancer.

- Lorre Stange

Student Aniela Rogers

LMS student of the month for February is Aniela Rogers. This young lady is not only hard working and bright but enthusiastic and well mannered. As an athlete she has hard-earned skill and hustle. As a scholar she has the same strength. Her sense of humor brightens our days.

- Lorre Stange

Student Mason Kelly

LHS student of the month for February is Mason Kelly. Mason is honored for her quality work, organization, her drive and ambition in her classes, and her ability to balance school, extracurricular activities, and work. Mason is a senior with ambitions of getting her PE teaching credential.

- Tim Henry

Student Ansel Sanchez Chavez

LMS student of the month for January is Ansel Sanchez Chavez. Ansel has picked up his academic game this year. He asked about tutoring, showed up and has been turning in his homework. He really shined on the middle school basketball court. We can’t wait to see his academic and athletic progress.

- Lorre Stange

Student Marie Alvarez

LHS student of the month for January is Marie Alvarez. Marie is honored for her diligence, hard work, and accelerated performance in Independent Studies. Marie, a junior at LHS, is attentive, conscientious, and motivated. Great job Marie!

- Tim Henry

Student Camille Rico

LMS student of the month for December is Camille Rico. Camille Rico is a conscientious and kind student. She routinely does exemplary work and seeks new ways to learn more. She pushes herself and challenges her friends to push themselves too.

- Lorre Stange

Student Hannah Carbaugh

LMS student of the month for December is Hannah Carbaugh. Hannah is a thoughtful, empathic and supportive classmate. She is willing to help anyone in need and is a dedicated student. She makes everyone’s day brighter with her sense of humor and kind spirit.

- Lorre Stange

Student Connor Taylor

LHS student of the month for December is Connor Taylor. Connor has always been a hard-working student that takes on challenges in class rather than avoiding them. He is humble to a fault, kind, and works well with his classmates.

- Tim Henry

Jenna Crone

District Administrative Assistant, Jenna Crone, is starting a new chapter in her life! At the beginning of the New Year she will be moving up to Idaho with her husband. Jenna has been a dedicated and loyal employee for the past six years and will be deeply missed. Thank you Jenna.

- Joan Viada Potter

Student Aciah James

LHS Junior Aciah James was honored as Student of the Month for November 2021. Aciah is described by her teachers as a leader and a helper who always brings a positive attitude to the table. Aciah has impressed her teachers for how she helps her fellow students and how she perseveres in her work.

- Tim Henry


LHS student of the month for October is Ruby Rosenthal. Ruby is a force of nature in and out of the classroom. Whatever she does is done with energy and pizazz. Ruby is an outstanding leader and is always ready to defend the underdog. Ruby is an outstanding athlete who has led her teams to success

- Tim Henry

Drew Hoteling

LHS student of the month for September is Drew Hoteling. Drew is described as a hardworking, curious, and insightful student who enjoys problem solving and is focused on his goals. Drew is very interested in technology and is heading up the new LHS technology club. Great job Drew!

- Tim Henry