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Welcome to Our District

Laytonville Unified School District is a centerpiece and focal point for the community. They expect and receive much from their schools. The K-12 district is a small one, serving 410 students with 30 certificated staff.

Laytonville Unified is known for its efforts and its success with the following activities:

  1. Farm to School Program

  2. The County Science Fair

  3. The County History Day

  4. Mock Trial

  5. The sports program (at least one league championship per year in the last decade)

  6. The multiplicity of special programs


The district consists of five schools: Laytonville Elementary (K-8, 265 students including a 6-8 Middle School wing), Branscomb Elementary (K-3 satellite school), Spy Rock Elementary (K-3 satellite school), Laytonville High School (9-12, 125 students), Laytonville Continuation High School (9-12). The average class size at the elementary school is 22 with an instructional assistant in all classrooms.


At the high school, the average class is under 15, and a resource teacher assists students with special needs. Many special programs exist at both sites and a dedicated staff keep our schools an exciting place to work.

The Laytonville Unified School District staff and community have dedicated considerable time and efforts to restructuring our schools to better serve the needs of the students, staff, parents and community. Our goal is to create an environment which nurtures healthy students involved in choice and ownership of their education and who see purpose through hands-on learning and real-life applications.


We believe that all staff members are educators working toward this goal. The specific role of the teacher is one of coach, guide and model.


We believe that parents, teachers and community must function as partners to facilitate the development of the whole child.


We believe that the health of our community is ultimately measured by the degree to which its young people participate in its future. We embrace our diversity and tap community resources to create dynamic learning opportunities for students, staff and community.


The district prides itself on the close, trusting and professional relationship between administration and faculty, and on a friendly and caring nature of student-faculty interactions. In a small town and school system such as this, teaching is a lifestyle, not an 8:00 to 4:00 occupation.


The administration feels its job is to make it as easy as possible for teachers to do the  best job possible. The classroom is the heart of the education process.


If you’re interested in becoming part of our team, please click on the button below to apply for a position. We want and need the best teachers available.

We hope to hear from you!

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