Laytonville High

Spring 2020

SeparatorHonors Banquet

Mikyla Auman

Teacher Honoring:

Edward Keelan

The student I would like to acknowledge for Spring Honors is Mikyla Auman. Mikyla has consistently achieved at the highest level in American History. She has an innate ability to find the right answer and to delve deeply into Historical issues unlocking both cause and effect. Mikyla’s analytical skills are unsurpassed and these abilities promise her a bright and successful future. Mikyla is a respectful and kind person who earns the admiration and friendship of her peers on a daily basis. She is a very agreeable and capable student to have in American History. I am grateful and happy to honor Mikyla Auman . Mr. Keelan

Damian Avila

Teacher Honoring:

Josh Firks

I am Honoring Damian Avila for the Spring 2020/Coronavirus Honors Banquet. Covid-19 cancelled our live event, so I do not get to share a meal and talk about Damian in front of the other honorees, the teachers that chose them, and Damian's family. I am sad that all the students and their families have to miss this banquet. It is just another thing the virus has taken from our students. That being said, I am still going to honor Damian as best I can. The way I have chosen all of my Honorees is simple, what name pops into my mind when I think about honoring a student. Immediately, instantaneously,and without hesitation Damian is the man. He checks all the boxes, he is self-motivated, self-directed, he is a critical thinker, a community contributor. Damian is an amazing young man and an outstanding student in my PE class. He is kind and supportive. He is competitive and dedicated. He leads by example and always has a positive attitude. Damian shows up everyday and is ready to participate. He always does every and anything I ask of him. He never complains and always gives me his best effort. I was also blessed to coach Damian in basketball for the past 4 years. I have got to know him well in the classroom and on the basketball court. If you were fortunate enough to watch our boys playoff games this year then you got to see Damian shine. He played some of his best basketball when we needed him the most. He rose to the occasion in the biggest games, when the pressure was the highest. In the game vs Mendocino at Laytonville Damian showed his greatness throughout the game, but especially in crunch time. He showed he definitely has the “clutch gene.”  In the final minutes of the 4th quarter, Damian had a game changing steals and some shots that no doubt helped us win. I was and am so proud and so happy for Damian and his family. I know he is going to do great things in life. He can and will be anything he wants. He knows how to work hard, he knows how to persevere when times get tough, and he will never give up. All qualities of a winner and a success.. Thank you for letting me mentor and guide you. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. And thank you for trusting me. I will always be your teacher, your coach, and your friend. I am grateful  to recognize and celebrate you….. Damian Avila as my 2020 Honor Student. I Love you D, and am always here for you!!! 

Hayden Bre