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Student of the Month

March 2021

Laytonville High School Junior Sabra Baker was the Student of the Month for February, 2021.  Sabra’s teachers describe her as a quiet and hardworking student who manages her time well.  Sabra is self-motivated and consistent, she has stepped up this year and made the most out of distance learning.  Sabra’s favorite subjects this year have been Advanced Computers and Graphic Arts. Before Covid-19 Sabra played on the soccer team, and performed with the LHS Rock Band.   In her spare time Sabra likes to listen to music, draw, watch shows, and spend time outside.  Sabra is interested in getting into the art field.  Sabra credits her parents and teachers for helping her whenever she was confused about something and needed help.  Sabra’s advice to newer students is to “learn how to manage your time well!”