LHS Technology Club

Two years ago my robotic students then wanted to start a new club, aiming at students that like technology or students that are not doing any other activities outside of school. These students wanted to start an E-Sports team. My answers were you will have to present it to the board. Then as you know covid hit one month later. E-Sports had to be put on hold do to a lack of interest, too much screen time for online curriculum home.

This year we have begun our new journey into E-Sports through HSEL (High School E-Sports League). We have also included video editing, 3D printing, and music editing, Not to mention robotics. We will learn many techniques and strategies in this course along with nutrition and online safety. This will teach my students to work as a team and how to set up teams for up and coming tournaments.

Standards are below.

Content Standards Addressed:

● Standard 1: Gaming Appreciation

● Standard 4: Health Promotion and Preventative Care for Gamers

● Standard 6: Self-Management

● Standard 9: Goal-Setting and Decision-Making Skills