Charlie Jacobson and Tim Kanthack

All five science projects are advancing to county on March 18. Sage Steven, Egg Protection.   Tyler Knight, Germy Kisses.  Joelle Skinner, Is Sunlight Necessary? And Charlie Jacobson and Tim Kanthack, Need Energy.

Not shown, Miles Ahern, What is the Most Disgusting Place in the Town?

Sage was testing to see if toothpaste on the outside of an egg would protect it from the affects of vinegar and Coca Cola.

Tyler was comparing the volume of germs grown from dog saliva to that of cat saliva. 

Joelle was testing how much light you could deprive a bean plant before it stopped growing. 

Charlie and Tim compared the electrolytes found in many types of drinks using a voltage meter.

Miles swabbed multiple places around town and identified the bacteria each place grew.

Norma Cox, Science Fair Coordinator, Laytonville Elementary/Middle School