Students dressed up as the 3 blind mice

Ms. Hawkins decided on a theme for the play which was Oops, I am in the wrong fairy tale.  Students then decided which characters they wanted to be and then the class wrote the play with everyone contributing ideas and who would talk to who.  Finally they printed out the script and started to practice make adjustments as they read through it.  They had a gingerbread man and girl, they had red riding hood and her mother and grandma and 3 blind mice with the farmers wife.  They had the 3 bears, snow white and the evil queen, the cop for fairy tale land.   They had a cow, Ariel, Shrek and donkey, Belle, the fox who ended up eating the gingerbread man and finally  puss-n-boots.  The idea was that Red Riding Hood got lost and was looking for her grandmothers house with the help of the gingerbread man.  They went to many houses like the 3 bears, Shrek, Snow White, even the cows pasture looking for the correct one and finally found Grandma’s house.  This made her find the correct fairy tale.